Food Shortage Protocols Act

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The Food Shortage Protocols Act is a Liberalian Law.

[edit] The Bill

Food Shortage Protocols It is regretable that to this day there are some nations present that cannot meet the basic food requirements of their people. This proposal is designed to help overcome this problem.

A nation suffering from starvation and/or malnutrition can be defined as a nation which has 20% or more of its citizens having a diet which do not satisfy their basic nutrient requirements.

Protocol 1:Immediate short term relief of the populace Which is represented by the shipping and distribution of foodstuffs to the populace, the presence of armed guards might be nessecary as in situations of pollitical instabillity.

Protocol 2:Providing aid to the food industry: Agricultural equipment, fishing equipment, Livestock raising techniqus...etc

Protocol 3:Place controls on food prices while guranteeing the farmers a fair price.

protocol 4:The introduction of a food rationing system.

The question of which protocols shuld be introduced in a certain nation is determined by the Chancellor, Economics minister and interior minister provided that they have the authorisation of the prime minister.

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